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Financial Cash Flow Exercise

This exercise illustrates the calculation of Financial Cash Flow. Click the "New Problem" button to generate a new problem. After attempting the calculations you can click the "Show Answer" buttons to view the solutions. The worksheet also functions as a calculator. You can enter your own data into the fields and then click the "Show Answer" buttons to view the solutions.

Balance Sheet ($ in Millions)
Assets 1998 1997 Liabilities and Owners' Equity 1998 1997
Current Assets     Current Liabilities    
Cash Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable Notes Payable
Inventory Total Current Liabilities
Total Current Assets Long-Term Liabilities    
      Long-Term Debt
Fixed Assets     Total Long-Term Liabilities
Property, Plant, and Equipment Owners' Equity    
Less Accumulated Depreciation Common Stock ($1 Par)
Net Fixed Assests Capital Surplus
      Retained Earnings
      Total Owners' Equity
Total Assets Total Liab. and Owners' Equity
Income Statement ($ in Millions)
Cost of Goods Sold
Administrative Expenses
Earnings Before Interest and Taxes
Interest Expense
Taxable Income
Net Income
Addition to Retained Earnings


Calculate the following:
Cash Flow from Assets   Cash Flow to Investors
Operating Cash Flow (OCF)    Cash Flow to Debtholders
Capital Spending   Cash Flow to Stockholders
Addition to Net Working Capital   Cash Flow to Investors
Cash Flow from Assets      






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